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Redash on Cloudron

Make Your Company Data Driven
Connect to any data source, easily visualize and share your data

This repository packages the Cloudron setup code for Redash



or using the Cloudron command line tooling

cloudron install --appstore-id io.redash


The app package can be built using the Cloudron command line tooling.

git clone && cd redash-app

cloudron build
cloudron install


The e2e tests are located in the test/ folder and require nodejs. They are creating a fresh build, install the app on your Cloudron, perform tests, backup, restore and test if the pages are still ok.

cd redash-app/test

npm install
USERNAME=<cloudron username> PASSWORD=<cloudron password> mocha --bail test.js


Once the Cloudron has started, visit the Web Interface to create your admin user.