Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  gamerx e7b95ae722 Updated Bukkit build version. 6 years ago
  gamerx b9fe7aa283 Merge pull request #150 from dpraul/master 6 years ago
  dpraul 9baee0a6a2 Updated for 1.6.2-R.01 6 years ago
  gamerx 3fcfbd5120 Merge pull request #148 from dpraul/master 6 years ago
  dpraul 313060b15c Removes /backup and /bu from help list of users who don't have permission. 6 years ago
  Domenic Horner 1716835a01 Merge pull request #144 from pimaster/master 7 years ago
  pimaster 5a06eae6ca Use the absolute directory when working out where the worlds are stored 7 years ago
  pimaster 6a56983a50 Metrics tasks moved to start onEnable rather than onLoad to be happier 7 years ago
  Domenic Horner 8e7bd6d393 Merge pull request #143 from Regnar-Kel/large-retention-size-support 7 years ago
  Regnar-Kel b192dbc8ae Added support for backup retention (maxbackups setting) size greater than 2 Gigabytes. 7 years ago
  gamerx cab38c12b9 Version 2.5 7 years ago
  Domenic Horner fe70e2ba7d Merge pull request #137 from zackpollard/patch-1 7 years ago
  zackpollard fd28ca5012 Changes the way it connects 7 years ago
  gamerx 6ef23f113f Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' 7 years ago
  gamerx 78389d5891 Fix for NPE. 8 years ago
  Domenic Horner 48fcc69aab Fixed release. 7 years ago
  gamerx 343c422711 Release v2.0 8 years ago
  gamerx 8f560aac86 Add backup in progress variable, Only one backup can run at once. 8 years ago
  gamerx ea72987014 Beta Build - Almost ready for release! 8 years ago
  gamerx b6e506955c Preparing for release :) 8 years ago
  gamerx e441be0cbc Various fixes. 8 years ago
  gamerx 834cd812bf Updated Settings to include defaults for all settings. 8 years ago
  gamerx 6417e8ed9f Posssible fix for Issue #114. 8 years ago
  gamerx a7dbba360b Added multiline messages Closes #103 8 years ago
  gamerx d4e7fdb4fe Simplified the date format config option. 8 years ago
  gamerx f789c00173 Implement Issue #110. 8 years ago
  gamerx 13d9b9ccca Resolve Issue #111, Issue #104. 8 years ago
  gamerx abaf1f7208 Fix for version check. 8 years ago
  gamerx 7081bdec67 Correct Push. 8 years ago
  gamerx 10c45a969c Removed a lot more code, cleaned up the old use of settings. 8 years ago